Thursday, December 29, 2011

What's New at OdLibby*s???

What's new, you ask?  Well, I have a cute little shop going on at  Take a quick look at my shop. Let me know what you think?  Any pointers...likes/dislikes....I want opinions to make sure I find success. :)
THank you!!


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Shall We Toast?

"Shall We Toast?"


Lever back, chandelier earrings with silver and charcoal glass beads.  Long, sparkly, and elegant is what comes to mind with these earrings. Wear on the upcoming 2011 New Year festivities, on a special date night, or out on the town with the girls...any celebration that calls for a toast!

These earrings are currently for sale at my Etsy Shoppe, OdLibby*s



Pretty bangle bracelet with dangles of Blue Moonstone, Labradorite from Madagascar, blue chalcedony, and Swarovski crystals. Delicate and feminine. Just enough movement and sparkle to catch the eye....maybe even a dream or two.

Did you know?.....
Blue Moonstone brings good fortune.
Labradorite promotes strength of will and inner worth.
Blue Chalcedony promotes good will.

This piece is currently for sale at my Etsy Shoppe, OdLibby*s

My Apologies....

Yes, I have been a baaaad blogger for not keeping up to date on what's new with OdLibby's.  Life just seems to bombard you all at once, does it not? :)  On top of not posting my latest creations, I was also wiped out of my stock one weekend when I made a trip home to see family.  Cousins and Aunts make the best customers! :)  They left me depleted like a "Going Out of Business" sale!  So.....what's next, you say?  Cue in my newest venture...Etsy.  I absolutely love this website...just a wonderfully creative collection of talented artists sharing their wares to the virtual public (with a few off the walls finds that definitely need to be posted on "Regretsy").  Etsy is like a arts and crafts festival that never ends!  Why not open a OdLibby*s shop for myself?  So...I did. :)
I must say that it's been a fun experience so far, and even though I haven't had the mad rush of sales as I did in my Aunt Glenna's kitchen a few months before, I do have a good feeling that I will prosper, learn and grow.  Check out my shoppe, and feel free to ask any questions.  Occasionally, you may see that I also make other things beside jewelry, but my first and foremost love will be "anything that glitters".

"On the Avenue" is currently for sale at my Etsy shoppe, OdLibby*s

Tuesday, March 23, 2010



Double stranded bracelet of Jasper stone, Mother of Pearl nuggets, freshwater pearl, and painted glass beads with antiqued clasp. 

Price:  US $35
Shipping: US $3.99

The colors of sand and rock. The heat of the mojave afternoon. The warmth of the sunset against the desert's horizon....all were inspirations for this bracelet.

In the Blossom's Shade, There are No Strangers

"In the Blossom's Shade, There are no Strangers"

Description: SOLD! 
Handmade decoupage glass pendant of a vintage Cherry Blossom print in Japanese style, clustered with various glass, crystal, and silver beads. 

Price: US $35
Shipping: US $3.99

A quote from Kobayashi Issa, 18th century Zen poet..."In the cherry blossom's shade, there is no such thing as a stranger."   I was inspired by the yearly spring bloom of the Cherry Blossoms along the Tidal Basin in Washington, DC. Every Spring, thousands of visitors come together from all over the world to view the beauty of those blossoms.  In those few weeks of bloom, we are not strangers.

Le Joli

"Le Joli"

Description: SOLD!
Handmade decoupage glass pendant of vintage Eiffel Tower print stranded with various semi-precious stones and glass beads.

Price: US $35
Shipping:  US $3.99

"Le Joli" is French for "the pretty one"My inspiration for this piece came from a little boutique I found in Frederick, Maryland that specialized in vintage 1920's Paris style.  If you ever find yourself window shopping downtown, definitely stop by and take a look at all their pretty things on display.